Prithvi is a partner in Fidus Law Chambers and is responsible for overseeing the brand protection and enforcement strategy for a number of technology, healthcare and luxury clients and regularly appears in ex parte and inter parte proceedings before the courts apart from administrative tribunals and customs authorities. Prithvi coordinates the pan-India enforcement practice of the firm and has spearheaded a large number of successfully multi-city civil and criminal raids and conducted seizures with the police as well as with court appointed commissioners.

Prithvi regularly conducts Customs trainings on behalf of the firm’s clients.

Prithvi is a member of the Data Protection Committee of the INTA.

Illustrative cases:

1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd vs USV Pvt Ltd, SLP (C) No. 2437/2021 and Commercial Appeal (L) No. 2177 of 2021

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken International Holdings LLC vs A.L. Faizur, CS (COMM) 56/2021

3. FDC Limited vs Faraway Foods Pvt Ltd, CS (COMM) 720/2019

4. Western Digital Inc. & anr. v Amit Tanna & ors. FAO (OS) Comm 20/2016

5. Sun Pharma v. Mylan Labs CS (COMM) 1098 of 2016

6. FDC Ltd. v. DocSuggest Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. CS(COMM) 460 of 2017

7. Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd. V. Deependra Singh & Anr. CS(COMM) 173 of 2017

8. Belmond Interfin Ltd. V. Rajiv Sood & Ors. CS(COMM) 685 of 2017

9. Grilld IP Pty Ltd. V. Meet Singh CS(COMM) 1684 of 2016